Thursday, September 20, 2007

Since78 Site Update

So I updated my site a couple weeks ago. I am super stoked about the response it has gotten. I am very excited to see so many positive responses. I would like to thank a few people for their awesomeness. Bran, thanks for the post on motionographer. You really were too kind. Stephen, thanks for the posting on Revolver Lover. Many thanks! Vianney and Ravi thanks for posting twice in one week on That was a pleasant surprise considering I don't know you guys yet. Thanks to Phirebrush for making me their site of the week last week. Thanks to Ashley and Molly for your amazing support. Thanks to Media Temple for the amazing hosting services, and the private server. Thanks to all the studios for keeping me in business. Thanks to Sianey for defending my honor from the peanut gallery on motionographer. Thanks James for the kind words, I wish I could make it to OFFF to hang out with you. And finally, thanks to Bungie for releasing Halo 3 in 4 days. Ok, so that about covers it for now. Sorry if I left anyone off this list.

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