Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All New for 2009

Hi everyone! I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Years for 2009. A few days late but I have some great news.

2008 was great. It was a busy year indeed with some wonderful highlights. One being my wife surprised me by flying us to Paris for my 30th birthday. Another being that I was named as one of the 50 Young Guns in ADC’s YG6 for last year. That was definitely an honor.

So now onto everything else. First, obviously this is my new blog site. You can check it out here. My mixes will now be easy to access on the column on the left. I do plan to get all of the old mixes up within this week so stay tuned for that as well as new ones.

Also, I updated my portfolio site which shares the structure of my blog site here. I will adding new work as it becomes available to show so be sure to bookmark it because I plan to update it more frequently than the last iteration. Also, please feel free to shoot me some kind words (or mean if it’s constructive) on what you think about them. A couple of projects are password protected for specific reasons so please don’t email me to get the password. I am sorry but I can’t show some of the work due to contractual agreements.

Lastly, I started a little store with some friends called Quality Goods Inc. We are still trying to work out a couple of kinks on getting all of our private stores ready so just email us which product you want and we’ll take note so once we are good and ready we can finish transactions. I promise it will be soon.

Thanks again for all of your support.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

News About the Blog

Hi all faithful visitors. I have tracked the stats and know there actually are more people coming to my blog than I had thought. I want to inform you that this blog will be closing down and moving to a new home. This will be happening next year along. Also next year will be a new update to my commercial portfolio as well as an online boutique I am getting off the ground finally. These 3 will be dropping on the same day most likely if all goes to plan. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for being such great patrons to this blog!

Bohemian Modern : Xmas Vol. 03

Christmas, nearly a week away, I thought I’d give everyone one more holiday mix because I am in the giving spirit. Enjoy!

A Bomo Xmas Vol. 03 Download

(1) Vince Guaraldi Trio : The Christmas Song
(2) Norah Jones : Peace
(3) The Roots : Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa
(4) Stephen Colbert & John Legend : Nutmeg
(5) Macy Gray : This Christmas (Hang all the Mistletoe)
(6) James Brown : Go Power at Christmas
(7) Run DMC : Christmas in Hollis
(8) Joey Ramone : Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
(9) G. Love - Christmas Baby
(10) Colbert Christmas : What’s So Funny...
(11) Jet : Backdoor Santa
(12) The Dandy Warhols : Little Drummer Boy
(13) My Morning Jacket : Santa Claus is Back in Town
(14) Lenka : All My Bells are Ringing
(15) Lisa Loeb : Jingle Bells
(16) Jesca Hoop : Aud Lang Syne (An Artist Medley)
(17) Vince Guaraldi Trio : Greensleeves
(18) The Free Design : Close Your Mouth (It’s Christmas)
(19) Meiko : Maybe Next Year (Xmas Song)
(20) The Decemberists : Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk this Christmas)
(21) Willie Nelson : Little Dealer Boy
(22) Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis : Aud Lang Syne

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bohemian Modern : Xmas Vol. 01 & 02

Christmas time is here. Happiness and cheer. I recently had quite a few requests for last year’s Xmas mix to be re-uploaded. So not only will I give you guys that. I present to you this year’s edition. It’s too bad we aren’t having our annual Xmas party at our place. Last year’s was a blast but Ash is just too damn busy these days. Anywho, enjoy the mixes.

A BoMo Xmas Vol. 02 Download

A Bomo Xmas Vol. 01 Download

(1) Feist - Please Be Patient
(2) Honeyhoney - The Naughtiness of Me
(3) Katy Perry - White Christmas
(4) Vince Guaraldi Trio - Skating
(5) Dido - Christmas Day
(6) Fiona Apple - Frosty the Snowman
(7) Lucky Soul - Lonely This Christmas
(8) Mazzy Star - Flowers in December
(9) Aimee Mann - The Christmas Song
(10) Rogue Wave - Christmas
(11) Radiohead - I Want None of This
(12) UUDDLRLRBA Start - Christmas Eve 1993
(13) Okkervil River - Listening to Otis Redding at Home During Christmas
(14) My Morning Jacket - I Just Wanted to Say
(15) The American Analog Set - Desert Eagle (All I Want For Christmas Mix)
(16) Evans Blue - Oh Holy Night
(17) Hot Hot Heat - Christmas Day In the Sun
(18) The Thrills - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
(19) The Kinks - Father Christmas
(20) Relient K - Silver Bells
(21) Luscious Jackson - Let it Snow
(22) Money Mark - Stuck at the Airport

Friday, November 21, 2008

Laid Back Like Grown Folks Vol. 02

Next installment from what I believe is the best series of hip hop mixes I have ever made. Not that anyone else would really know about my old mixes. I assure you these are the best. There may be some overlap from the Abbot Kinney series fyi. I promise I’ll get back to those mixes too in the near future. Download it HERE.

(1) Mos Def & Diverse - Wylin’ Out (K-Kruz Remix)
(2) Diverse - Build
(3) BLu - In Remembrance
(4) Digable Planets - Jettin’
(5) Blackalicious - Make You Feel That Way
(6) Fat Jon - The Queen and I
(7) Foreign Exchange - Be Allright
(8) J-Live - Like this Anna
(9) People Under the Stairs - LA Song (Sensitive Mix)
(10) Lupe Fiasco - Paris, Tokyo
(11) Paranorml - This is Jazz (Sytlus Interlude)
(12) Jazz Liberatorz & Tre Hardson - Ease My Mind
(13) Tre Hardson - Ayyomyman
(14) Gift of Gab - In a Minute Doe
(15) DJ Jazzy Jeff, Baby Blak & Pauly Yamz - For Da Love of Da Game
(16) Madlib - Montara
(17) Black Star - Thieves in the Night
(18) Common ft Bilal - Nag Champa

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Transitional Kicks | Barker Black Derby Suede

For the real adventurous type who have around $750 to burn there are the Barker Black Derby Suede shoes. It sports a dark beige color, leather sole and an overall modern style with classic inspiration. It is versatile and very very well made. I have been obsessively checking ebay for a steal on them but no luck yet. If you want to pay full price you can at Colette.

Transitional Kicks | Wodehouse Black Oxfords

I am really into these Oxfords by Timberland Boot Co. No not the Timbalands that Das EFX sports. These are slightly more refined. Their products are designed as if passed through time, with only the essential elements remaining. Reminiscent of the dress shoes of the 20’s and 30’s but connected to today through well worn finishes, minimal pieces and lightweight supple leathers. They will set you back a little more than you are used to but come on, you could pretty much wear these with anything.

Transitional Kicks | The Deckard

I turned the big 30 this year. So like many other dudes out there who are probably in a similar situation you have to figure out a transition to real adulthood. This next series of posts will focus on kicks that are nice transitions from those tired ass dunks you are still trying to make look fresh to some really timeless pieces that are far more versatile and will actually get you laid. I don’t know what dude is pullin’ dimes with purple patent leather dunks with lime green laces but these Deckards by Vael may have you turning some heads. Nice mid top deck shoes that have some nice detail and will stand the test of time. Or at least more than the 2 months you’re used to before you can’t stand to look at those cheetah print and orange ostrich leather Air Force 1s collecting dust in your closet. They are even priced at a nice $130.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Wear Your Shirt

In this up and down economy Jason is outsourcing his wardrobe (namely shirts) to corporate america and you!(and me) He’s going to wear a different shirt for 365 days straight in 2009, take multiple pictures throughout his day and blog about it. Days are sold at “face value” so January 1 is $1 and December 31 is $365. Makes me wish I thought of this. I bought March 19th because it’s the 78th day of the year, duh. I just hope come next year it will be money well spent. Buy your day here.

BBC “Star Trek” Gloves

So in relation to the trailer of the new Star Trek film I just posted I wanted to share these. I don’t know who is in the market for these, rich gangsta nerds, but they are pretty funny. I guess if Pharrell is rockin’ them then they have to be hot right? Buy them to sport at the premiere to the movie. If they aren’t absolutely ridiculously over priced like most of BBC’s clothing is then I would consider coppin’ them.

Star Trek

I am not even a Trekkie and this looks pretty damn good.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I Like to Rock It

Just stumbled upon this fun poster designed by Jaime Derringer. It’s a fun little poster that designer dorks like me would love for Christmas! It’s an 8x10 Epson print on premium matte paper but it’s pretty cheap at only $18 a copy. Mine will good in the office opposite the orange accent wall.

Ashi Dashi

My homie Ken Macy just launched his designer sock label Ashi Dashi. The line now is fully designed by Ken himself and there will be artist contributions soon including the likes of Emil Kozak and your truly. So treat your feet to some dopeness. They feel neglected anyways. Good holiday gift for friends this year! Congrats and good luck Ken!

New Reel & Site from Laundry!

New motion reel & site fresh out of the dryer from PJ & Crew. Keep rock rockin’ it!

Laid Back Like Grown Folks Volume 01

I know it’s been ages since I posted a mix. I hope the first installment of “Laid Back Like Grown Folks” makes up for the laziness on my part. This series is a hand crafted collection of breezy hip hop and instrumentals that picks up where the last few songs I have posted started. Try not to love it, I dare you. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

(1) Azeem - Open ‘Em Up
(2) BLu - Simply Amazin’ (steel blazin’)
(3) Zion I with Talib Kweli - Temperature
(4) Talib Kweli with Norah Jones - Soon the New Day
(5) Q-Tip with Norah Jones - Life is Better
(6) Common with Kanye West & John Legend - They Say
(7) Little Brother - The Way You Do It
(8) Fat Jon - Torn Again
(9) Diverse - Leaving
(10) Ohmega Watts with Adam L - You Are Now Tuned In
(11) J-Live - Interlude (Whatever)
(12) 3582 - Yesterday (82 Mix)
(13) People Under the Stairs - Fly Love Song
(14) Blackalicious - Swan Lake (instrumental)
(15) Vast Aire - Shu (The God of Aire)
(16) Nujabes with Cise Starr - Highs 2 Lows
(17) Himuki - Wanted U Down
(18) Jazz Liberators with J. Sands - When the Clock Ticks

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The new Q-Tip album “Live at the Renaissance” is finally available. I have actually had many of the tracks for 3 years or so. The album was shelved for a while because of creative differences between Tip and his label. Now it’s out and I couldn’t be more excited. He is one of my all time favorite artists. This track is called “Life is Better” and features Norah Jones on vocals.

Small Sounds | Phonofone II

The Phonofone II is functional art. Not only does this all white ceramic beauty look sleek and retro but it sounds great too. It uses horn acoustics to amplify sound from your ear buds and the sound resonates. It’s available at A+R on Abbot Kinney or Silverlake. Or just visit their site and cop it there. Be prepared to spend about 500 bones though.

Small Sounds | Vers 1.5R & Vers 2X

The Vers 1.5R is a classicly and elegantly designed ipod dock. It’s constructed entirely of wood and comes in a variety of wood finishes like the Tivoli Model One (I prefer the Walnut). At around $200 (depending on finsih) it’s a wonderful price. If you need something a little fuller, try the Vers 2X. They both should fill any room with rich sound.

Small Sounds | Tivoli Model One

My next series of posts will focus on small sweet little music boxes. Nicely designed, compact, and great sounding. First off is the Tivoli Model One. This is that little stereo you see in every house in Dwell Magazine. It really is ubiquitous and deservingly so. It’s retro looks and great sound make it a favorite of every geeky audiophile. It comes in a selection of colors and wood finishes. Best of all, it’s only $300 so it won’t set you back an arm and a leg. Some of the finishes are unavailable at the moment but with it’s popularity I am sure they will be back in stock in no time.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hot Chip “Ready for the Floor (live)”

One of my favorite songs of the last year or so. Here is an interesting version of it, slowed down and all romantic and stuff.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dryer Buzzer “Huh”

My homie Matt just informed me he released his first full length album. His music is a mix of lo-fi, hip hop, garage, and avant garde. It’s sort of reminds me of Caural in that Matt plays all of the instruments and records and mixes it all himself. Congrats Matt! Go to his Myspace page to listen and download. Don’t forget to donate to his his cause for all of the hard work.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Free Obey Obama Sticker

Go get a free Obama sticker designed by ubiquitous Shepard Fairey, who lent his design to help raise some money. You get 1 for free or for a small $3 donation you can get 5. I am putting my donation in now. Go get one or 50 now. Allow 5 to 7 weeks for shipping.


So we did it. America wins. To celebrate, Bran made some nice tees and totes to wear with pride. Go buy one and support the hope and dream that we pull ourselves out of this rut we have been in for the last 8 years.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Ding Bats

Jeff Domke has been nice enough to make some Obama Dingbats for designer dorks like me and you. Go download them here to celebrate our new hope.