Monday, September 17, 2007


I am really digging the clothing label Artysm based out of France. Super simple design mixing materials, patterns, and graphics in a very clean and modern way. Something about this label just feels fresh without feeling too trendy or “street.” Street style lately has been sort of lame. I am over the hoodies with all-over prints and $80 tees. I don’t like everything they are selling yet the majority would look nice in a maturing hipster’s closet. I am hoping men my age can phase out the tees and sneakers and return to a more polished look. Labels like this can be a nice transition to dressing more mature. Check more out here!

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Jeremy Pawlowski said...

I am glad to see that Artysm is getting their name out there. Artysm started out as your average rollerblade clothing company, tee shirts and hats, and has definitely been pushing out some very nice clothes recently.