Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bohemian Modern : Laurel Canyon Vol. 01

I know it’s been slow this year. I haven’t been posting as much as I hoped I could. Cut me some slack though, I have been working pretty hard. To make up for it I am promising to put up more mixes faster. To begin, the first installment of my Bohemian Modern : Laurel Canyon series. Imagine driving in the Hollywood hills to a party at a swank house designed by John Lautner or Richard Neutra. Now imagine that you get there and the sun is going down as you pull out of your 1963 356 Porsche Carrera 2 Coupe. And then imagine that you pull up to this amazing house and you hear music floating through the air over the infinity pool and into your lucky ears. Well this is the music you would hear there. And it’s super sexy and can only be played at night just as the sun goes down. It’s a mix of sultry classics and swank new jams. Enjoy with some Remy Martin VSOP on a warm evening with a cool breeze. Begin the journey to hotness HERE!

(1) Goldfrapp - Clowns
(2) Dntel with Mia Doi Todd - Rock My Boat
(3) Dive Index - Water In Our Hands
(4) Lou Rhodes - Sleeping Beauty
(5) Massive Attack - What Your Soul Sings
(6) Boards of Canada - In A Beautiful Place Out in the Country
(7) Flunk - Your Koolest Smile
(8) Bows - Speed Marina
(9) Morcheeba - Howling
(10) Bonobo - Light Pattern
(11) Big Sir - Everybody Here Wants You
(12) Esthero - Superheroes
(13) Feist - One Evening
(14) Magnet - Lay Lady Lay
(15) Cat Power - I’ve Been Thinking
(16) Madlib - Distant Land

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