Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Drive Less, Walk More

Here is a sneak peak of my design for our poster series which is now including a design by Bran Dougherty-Johnson. There is more in the mix too for this project. We are working on setting things up and Bran’s design is on the way soon. I am really excited about this project and can’t wait to get these posters in circulation within the community to promote a greener way of life.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fresh Cut + Refresh This Week

The Seniors from my Alma Matter are graduating and showing this week. Thanks for the info Beckham. If you are in Houston then drop by and take a look. They will be eager for jobs immediately. Good luck Seniors!

Fresh Cut
Thursday, May 1
6-9 pm
Space 125 Gallery
3201 Allen Parkway


Refresh: 2008 Alumni Mixer
after the show, 9-11 pm
3rd bar inside REEF
2600 Travis at McGowen

Bran Dougherty-Johnson | GEL Conference

Bran just updated his site a little and posted up this beautiful little opening for the 2008 GEL Conference. It’s simple and quirky with a retro feel to it. I simply love it and you should too. If you don’t, you have no soul.

John Pour Home | Felt Type Rugs

Just found these amazing rugs by John Pour Home. They are made of felt and cozy to walk on. If you are a type geek like I am then this is the rug for you. Check out more of them here.

Monday, April 28, 2008

50 Ways to Help Save the Planet

I just stumbled upon this amazing resource that we all should follow and work into our daily routine and lives. Check out the 50 Ways to Help Save the Planet. While your at it buy the tee too! Portions go to charity. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

New Frankenstyles

My good buddy Stephen Kelleher, and ”Drive Less/Walk More” partner, just updated his site. He is featuring the first print from our series of posters to promote alternate ways of transportation. Part of the proceeds from each sale are going to charity to help preserve our planet and keep it green and mean. Look for my design as well as a collaboratively designed poster in the near future. We will have it all organized and set up soon. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, go feast your eyes on Stephen’s wacky world of art and graphics.

Since78 joins VLU

I have just joined the VLU as a contributor so I will be pulling double duty as a semi-pro blogger. Thanks Max, I am glad to be a part of the Viewers Like U fam.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dan Stiles | Rock Concert Posters

I just stumbled upon Dan Stiles’ site where he has a plethora of posters to buy. All around $25 - $30, they each have a unique style to them. Some cheery and cute, some more psychedelic, and some bold and graphic. Most are available although some of my favorites are sold out (ie. the Feist poster). I think I am sold on the fun Hot Chip design and am going to buy it and get it framed. He just so happens to be from Portland too which gives him MAJOR points for since I am pretty much obsessed with the town. Check out the posters and his design work when you get a chance.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Art Center Graduates Off to Work

When you get a chance take a look at some of my students work: Jenny Dale, Diana Chang, Justin Cram, and Jiaren Hui, who all graduated last week. They are all on the hunt for jobs so hit them up if you are looking for some great young talent. Congrats again guys!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mini Cooper Clubman S

I currently drive a 2003 Mini Cooper S but I have been considering trading it in for a new ride. I have a few cars I am into at the moment but the current obsession is the new Mini Cooper Clubman S. I built my own today and it came out looking pretty slick in a black on black scheme with red and black leather interior. My price range is about $30K to $40K or so and once I tricked this bad boy out it came out to be $33K. My other cars of interest right now are the Volvo C30 2.0 R, the BMW 1 Series Coupe, the BMW Z4 Coupe 3.0si, the Mercedes C300 Sport, or the A4 Avant S-Line. It won’t be for another few months before I actually will be ready to seriously start looking but I can dream for now.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Coffee Mugs | MyCuppa Coffee

This coffee mug uses a color matching system to gauge how much cream you usually like. If you dig it buy it here.

Coffee Mugs | MTG Mugs

Literal is the new black. Why not rock a mug that has your title on it. I am not sure how to actually buy it or how much USD they would cost but I dig them. Grab one of these bad boys here if you can translate Japanese.

Coffee Mugs | Helvetica Coffee Mug by Veer

I would be completely worthless if it weren’t for coffee. I have on average 4 to 5 cups a day, minimum. My next few posts are going to be devoted to cool coffee mugs. The first on the list is the Veer Helvetica Coffee Mug. It’s witty and appeals to the geek designer in me. The weights of the iconic typeface correspond to the strength of the coffee. Pretty witty.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Engrave Your Moleskin

First your iPod and Macbook. Now you can engrave your Moleskin notebook. What’s next, cars, ice-cream cones, or how about your teeth! Well, I am not complaining. They look pretty sick. You can either buy one from the artists, like Dan Funderburgh, they had contribute designs for or send them your own graphics. This is definitely going to be a future project in the works. I plan to open up an online shop later this year with a few things to buy. I’ll keep you posted on that later but until then, enjoy the engravings!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bohemian Modern : Sawtelle Vol. 02

Ever wonder what Elroy Jetson would listen to in his spaceship when he got a little older. It would probably sound something like this mix. He would be gliding through with the wind in his hair and Astro riding shot gun cruising for alien tail. Anyways, enjoy the download!

(1) Sébastien Tellier - Kilometer
(2) AIR - Mer du Japon
(3) Midnight Juggernauts - Into the Galaxy
(4) The Presets - Are You the One?
(5) Hot Chip - Wrestlers
(6) Daft Punk - Face to Face
(7) Snoop Dogg - Cool
(8) Del tha Funky Homosapien - Video Tapez
(9) The Beta Band - Won
(10) Dabrye - Hyped-Up Plus Tax
(11) M.I.A. - Boyz
(12) Solex - Peppy Solex
(13) Misty Dixon - Misty Disco (Elliot Eastwick Remix)
(14) Feist - Mushaboom (Postal Service Remix)
(15) The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
(16) +/- - Surprise
(17) American Analog Set - The Postman
(18) Caural - Re-Experience Any Moment You Choose

Friday, April 11, 2008

Jiaren Hui

Jiaren was in the first half of my class that I am teaching at the Art Center College of Design this term. Jiaren is ready to take the plunge along with many of his classmates on April 18th when they hold their annual graduation show at Art Center. Jiaren is part of a young collective of artists who all hail from the school and they go by Born. I am sure we’ll hear more from them in the future. If you are in LA, be sure to drop by and say hello. Hopefully more of my students and other motion track students will follow suit and put up sites to promote themselves. Good luck Jiaren.

Good Shape Design

Good Shape Design is the store of Wayne Pate, out of Brooklyn, NYC. Wayne has a nicely curated mix of prints, t-shirts, and art. Drop in and see what he has. I particularly love some of the prints. We still have quite a few blank walls in the house that I need to fill with art. I mean I could make it myself but I’d rather be inspired by other great artists.

Newport Beach Film Festival 08

My homie Tom Koh just finished up a fun little project for the Newport Beach Film Festival. Tom created all of the fun illustrations that poke fun at the movie biz and how directors and writers come up with ideas for movies. Maithy Tran did an awesome job on the animation as always. Tom and I are co-directing together on Psst! Pass it On 3 with David Lewandowski on the animation once again. More news on that later in the year.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bohemian Modern : Silver Lake Vol. 03

This next installment of BoMo is great for that road trip up to San Francisco along the PCH. The wind is still brisk and the days are long so the mellow tunes slow it down even more. Start the mix right around sun down so that by that by the time you get to “Sail to the Moon” by Radiohead, the night sky will fill up with the milky way. If you are at home listening to this, I suggest to throw on some headphones and pop open a Stella Artois or two to ease the mind. These songs go down like a nice cold beer. ENJOY THE DOWNLOAD!

(1) The Shins - New Slang (Video Version)
(2) Inara George - Fools Work
(3) Alessandro Nivola - Shade & Honey
(4) Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism
(5) Radiohead - Sail to the Moon
(6) Jeff Buckley - Opened Once
(7) The Arcade Fire - Cold Wind
(8) Iron & Wine - Such Great Heights
(9) Cat Power - Silver Stallion
(10) She & Him - You Really Gotta Hold On Me
(11) Sparklehorse - Sad & Beautiful World
(12) Neil Young - Old Man
(13) Wilco - Red-Eyed and Blue
(14) Matt Costa - Yellow Taxi
(15) Beck - Lost Cause
(16) Money Mark - Summer Blue
(17) The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage
(18) Dot Allison - Tomorrow Never Comes

Tetris Ice Cube Tray

My wife is the BEST Tetris player ever. She simply just murders anyone in that game. She is like some idiot savant when it comes to the iconic Russian game for Nintendo. I found this Czech product designer on the interweb that is trying to patent a Tetris Ice Cube Tray. GENIUS! Let’s just hope he finds someone to produce the damn thing.

Hot Chip Poster | Blanka

I stumbled upon a super limited edition of a nice poster of the artwork that was used on Hot Chip’s latest album (which happens to be amazing) on the UK based Blanka site. The run is limited to only 75 printed grey on 3M celloglas bronze foil paper. It’s priced at £50 so if you are in the US it would cost you about $100. Not too shabby considering the limited quantity for a work of art. If they still have some in stock I may have to drop the coin.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bohemian Modern : Sunset Boulevard Vol. 03

The next hand-picked mix goes down smooth like the perfect martini. Enjoy today’s contribution to the BoMo series. Download HERE!

(1) Koop - Summer Sun
(2) Savath & Savalas - Colores Sin Nombre
(3) Stereolab - Rainbo Conversation
(4) Brazilian Girls - Ships in the Night
(5) AIR - Le Soleil est Pres de Moi (Buffalo Daughter Remix)
(6) Autour de Lucie - Le Dernier Mot
(7) Bebel Gilberto - Cada Beijo
(8) Morcheeba - Moog Island
(9) Sean Lennon - Photosynthesis
(10) Money Mark - Crowns
(11) Nouvelle Vague - The Killing Moon
(12) Radiohead - Climbing Up the Walls (Zero 7 Remix)
(13) Smoke City - Remember This
(14) The Cardigans - Celia Inside
(15) Tommy Guerrero - As the Sea Holds Creatures Vast and True
(16) King Kooba - Fooling Myself
(17) Astrud Gilberto - Who Needs Forever

National Television

My buddies over at National updated their site. It’s simple and clean and easy to use. The new work is pretty stellar, I particularly like the new Honda spot. They just moved to quaint Culver City (my old hood) too so I plan to check the new space out soon. Congrats on the new space and new site, keep on truckin.’

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bohemian Modern : Abbot Kinney Vol. 03

As promised, I am going to be putting up at least one new mix a day. Here is another mix from the Abbot Kinney series that consists mostly of 2 parts mellow hip hop and 1 part soul. Enjoy.

(1) Blockhead - Sunday Seance
(2) MF Doom - Rapp Snitch Knishes (ft. Mr. Fantastik)
(3) Mos Def & Diverse - Wylin’ Out (K-Kruz Remix)
(4) Amel Larrieux - Get it Up (Remix ft. Mos Def)
(5) Jay Dee - Stop
(6) Arsonists - Flashback
(7) 3582 - Yesterday (82 Mix)
(8) Blackalicious - Swan Lake (Shadow Instrumental)
(9) Goapele - Different (ft. Clyde Carson)
(10) Mystic - The Life (Remix ft. Talib Kweli & GLC)
(11) Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop (That Thing)
(12) The Roots - Distortion to Static
(13) Madlib - Slim’s Return
(14) Pharoah Monche - Loose Ends (ft. Justin Timberlake)
(15) Pharrell - Take it Off
(16) D’Angelo - Those Dreaming Eyes (Jay Dee Remix)
(17) Georgia Anne Muldrow - Nothingness
(18) Will.I.Am - Lay Me Down

Monday, April 7, 2008

Bohemian Modern : Laurel Canyon Vol. 02

This is another mix of jammers to drive to at night with the windows down and the volume cranked up. It’s a mix of classic downtempo beats and sultry vocals. Think of it as a make-out mixtape. Foreplay for the ears. Enjoy and check back more this week. I plan to treat you guys to more mixes than ever. Download HERE!

(1) Portishead - It Could be Sweet
(2) Automator - The Truth
(3) Morcheeba - Trigger Hippie
(4) Sneaker Pimps - How Do
(5) Goldfrapp - Time Out From the World
(6) FC Kahuna - Hayling
(7) Hooverphonic - 2 Wicky
(8) Lamb - B Line (Andy Votel Remix)
(9) Gus Gus - Teenage Sensation
(10) Lovage - Stroker Ace
(11) Prefuse 73 - Afternoon Love In
(12) Beth Orton - Stars All Seem to Weep
(13) Bowery Electric - Passages
(14) Cibo Matto - White Pepper Ice Cream
(15) Amon Tobin - Easy Muffin

Nama Rococo | Wallpaper Studio

Nama Rococo is yet another wallpaper creator in an ever-growing market for beautiful wallpaper designs. I think Nama Rococo stands out for their organic and hand made feel to their patterns. They mix traditional damask patterns with geometric and graphic elements in bold colors that pop yet don’t overpower a room. Check out their online gallery when you get a chance.

Home Studio Shed

I recently have been obsessed with redoing/refurnishing my home studio. Another obsession I have had lately has been my dream of us buying a house so I could install a Modern Shed in the backyard to work out of rather than a room in the house. This seems like the optimal working condition in my opinion. The commute is easy, just a few steps outside your house to your studio. They are very affordable (depending on where you buy it) and look really nice. Modern Shed is even offering the 10 x 12 shed with free shipping and $1200 off. It’s great looking, and while not as snazzy as DWR's Kithaus Shed, it looks like it is well made. There are also other places such as Metro Shed, Modern Cabana, and Shelter-Kit that sell similar products for around $10K. Read more about my current obsession here.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Recent Work at BNS & Blind

Just recently finished up a couple projects in the first quarter of the year. One is a fun live action/vfx spot with BNS for Cellular South that follows a dude named Taylor around his swank LA loft as he talks on his phone. The other is a live action/gfx spot for Russell Athletics with Blind that shows football can be elegant and stylish. I think they both turned out great and everyone involved did an amazing job. Check out the boards on my flickr to see how the design started out vs. how the spots looked once finished.

Bohemian Modern : Sawtelle Vol. 01

This mix pretty much embodies the vibe of the small hip little stretch of Sawtelle Boulevard in mini Tokyo. From GR2 to Black Market to Curry House, it’s as eclectic as the neighborhood itself. Be sure to play the mix at your next house party and don’t forget to stock your fridge with some Sake to bomb and Sapporo to wash it all down with. Download it HERE!

(1) Hot Chip - Over and Over
(2) Get Myself into It
(3) Brazilian Girls - Last Call
(4) Justice - DVNO
(5) Dani Siciliano - Slippers
(6) Depth Affect - Sarah Carbone
(7) Dive Index - Between Sky & Sea
(8) Dntel - Last Songs
(9) Erlend Oye - Ghost Trains (w/ Morgan Geist)
(10) Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix)
(11) The Go! Team - Bottle Rocket
(12) LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk is Playing at My House
(13) Daft Punk - Digital Love
(14) Dat Politics - Dizzy Zip
(15) Lady Soverign - Love Me or Hate Me
(16) M.I.A. - Paper Planes
(17) Bonde Do Rolê - Solta O Frango (Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya Remix)

Bluelounge | The Sanctuary

So a new addition to my Home Studio revamp is The Sanctuary from Bluelounge. It is a simple and clean design with all the features I am looking for in a valet/charge station. It’s priced at only $130 so it’s not too expensive either.