Monday, April 7, 2008

Home Studio Shed

I recently have been obsessed with redoing/refurnishing my home studio. Another obsession I have had lately has been my dream of us buying a house so I could install a Modern Shed in the backyard to work out of rather than a room in the house. This seems like the optimal working condition in my opinion. The commute is easy, just a few steps outside your house to your studio. They are very affordable (depending on where you buy it) and look really nice. Modern Shed is even offering the 10 x 12 shed with free shipping and $1200 off. It’s great looking, and while not as snazzy as DWR's Kithaus Shed, it looks like it is well made. There are also other places such as Metro Shed, Modern Cabana, and Shelter-Kit that sell similar products for around $10K. Read more about my current obsession here.

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