Friday, November 14, 2008

Laid Back Like Grown Folks Volume 01

I know it’s been ages since I posted a mix. I hope the first installment of “Laid Back Like Grown Folks” makes up for the laziness on my part. This series is a hand crafted collection of breezy hip hop and instrumentals that picks up where the last few songs I have posted started. Try not to love it, I dare you. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

(1) Azeem - Open ‘Em Up
(2) BLu - Simply Amazin’ (steel blazin’)
(3) Zion I with Talib Kweli - Temperature
(4) Talib Kweli with Norah Jones - Soon the New Day
(5) Q-Tip with Norah Jones - Life is Better
(6) Common with Kanye West & John Legend - They Say
(7) Little Brother - The Way You Do It
(8) Fat Jon - Torn Again
(9) Diverse - Leaving
(10) Ohmega Watts with Adam L - You Are Now Tuned In
(11) J-Live - Interlude (Whatever)
(12) 3582 - Yesterday (82 Mix)
(13) People Under the Stairs - Fly Love Song
(14) Blackalicious - Swan Lake (instrumental)
(15) Vast Aire - Shu (The God of Aire)
(16) Nujabes with Cise Starr - Highs 2 Lows
(17) Himuki - Wanted U Down
(18) Jazz Liberators with J. Sands - When the Clock Ticks


DeAnna said...

AHHH you are back! yay! im listening to one of your mixes now and you are the truth. bless you for sharing forreal

ESC said...

Dope mix! Keep em coming!

since78 said...

Thanks! I will def try to keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

thanks ive been looking for an mp3 of that new azeem song for-ever