Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bohemian Modern : Silver Lake Vol. 02

We recently took a drive to Silver Lake to hit up the thrift stores around there and downtown LA. I felt inspired to create another hand-picked mix that sort of encompasses that trip. This mix sums up the feeling of window shopping, digging through racks of hangers, gray skies, and deciding whether or not we really needed a white porcelain horse head. HERE YA GO!!!

(1) Money Mark - Tomorrow Will Be Like Today
(2) The Beastie Boys - Picture This
(3) Cibo Matto - Flowers
(4) Sean Lennon - Bathtub
(5) Bertrand Burgalat - Another World Gone By
(6) Simian - When I Go
(7) The Concretes - Grey Days
(8) Belle & Sebastian - Don’t Leave the Light on Baby
(9) Blur - Theme From Retro (John McEntire’s Mix Instrumental)
(10) Stereolab - Brakhage
(11) Joyzipper - Christine Bonilla
(12) Mogwai - Tracy ( Playing With the Young Team Mix)
(13) Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane
(14) UNKLE - Chaos
(15) Caural - Untitled


karen said...

i pretty much just exclusively listen to your mixes now, they are just so appropriate for each moment i feel the need to listen to tunes!

since78 said...

Thanks Karen. I am glad you like them. I’ll post a new one up very soon.

Jean-Pierre Chery said...

Yeah, They're really good mixes. I got my girlfriend listening to them. Now there's a Native Tongues CD in her car.