Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Soft Gold, a studio in NYC has done some really great work. As I was sifting through their work I came across a piece they did for Complex magazine that features Louis' sister Barbara as one of the "Bond Girls". Pretty rad huh, there are a couple other photos of her in this set among some other really great work.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Monthly Mix

My buddy Bran and his buddies put this fun little project together for everyone's listening pleasure. It’s called Monthly Mix, do your ears a favor and CHECK IT OUT NOW!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ray Caesar

Ray Caesar makes unbelievably beautiful and haunting images with precise detail and charm. What’s crazy is that these are not paintings, they are 3D renders that are texture to the finest of details. His site isn’t designed very well but nevermind that, his artwork is some of the most inspiring I have seen in some time. AMAZING!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Inspired Hip-Hop Album Covers

Hip-hop has been and always will be about sampling. What I find interesting is the visual sampling artists have done by taking an image and twisting it just enough to give it new meaning. Read more about it at Format Mag.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nom de Guerre

Nom de Guerre's collection is simple and uses different materials, cutting, and patterns to make their brand differentiate from other labels with simple styles. Their slim and sleek look will be quite popular as both Streetwear and high fashion are certainly leaning towards that style.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Not everyone knows about Pandora, but if you don't go check it out asap. It's an online radio station that allows you to enter a song in that you like then Pandora finds songs similar in mood, style, genre, whatever. And what is even better is the new wireless transmitter Squeezebox. Squeezebox by Slim Devices is the affordable way to stream digital music and Internet radio to your stereo. So it picks up a station like Pandora or my other favorite radio station KCRW and transmits it to your stereo.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Psst! Pass it On Works in Progress

Psst! Pass it On is an exquisite corpse project involving many of the top designer/animator/directors in my industry. I was honored to be included as a contributor to this fun and experimental project. I myself collaborated with my friends Stephen Kelleher, David Lewandowski and Juicy Wang. I am most excited that I have fulfilled one of my life-long dreams which is to make and star in a zombie flick. The series of movies will launch in March but you can view our works in progress at my and Ashley's Flickr now.

Home Star Pro

The high qualtiy "HomeStar Pro" is the 21st Century Home Planetarium. HomeStar Pro can rotate the plates in slow motion and show shooting stars. With a full dark environment, HomeStar Pro allows you to focus and project sharper images. Adopts an adjustable stand for variety of shooting angles. It comes with a Full Moon sidereal original plates, one of the unique plates that only comes with HomeStar Pro. A great gift and present for friends and families to enjoy a clear night view right at home. Available 2 stylish colors. AudioCubes has it in stock as well as many other awesome Japanese import items to drool over.

Bill Sullivan

New York photographer Bill Sullivan has created a fascinating set of images with his series titled More Turns. As subjects passed through a subway turnstile, during the split second that the bar was pushed forward, their picture was taken. Standing eleven feet away and pretending to read a magazine, Bill Sullivan creates portraits of New Yorkers unaware that they are being photographed. The result is an honest look at a cross section of New York. Be sure to visit his site to see more of his work.