Monday, October 1, 2007

Scarves | The New Tee-Shirt

So designer tees are passe now right. I mean, sure they’re still cool. I still rock them from time to time. I did one with I-Manifest earlier this year and am proud of it. So what’s the next accessory for designers to pimp out their skills to? Socks, gloves, underwear? I mean they have the hat, tee, and sneaker combo rocking. I think it could be scarves. Fall and winter is upon us. And while it may drop down to like 50 something in LA, the rest of the world does actually have a winter. I think New Dandyism is onto something. What better way to do it then pile every trend of 2006/2007 into one scarf. Skulls, 80s videogame graphics, and cassette mixtapes oh my. I am just glad there is no deer head. To be honest, I like it, I'd wear it. I thought 22 year old poker phenom Dario Minieri was a trend setter sporting a scarf in mid-summer at the WSOP in Vegas. Well, I’ll keep an eye on the trend and if anyone is interested in teaming up with me to do a scarf, I am totally down.

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