Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nike Hyperdunks Finally Released

Nothing says “The Future” like shoes designed in the late 1980s. Nike finally answered our prayers, and 3 year old petition we all signed, by releasing the Hyperdunks from Back to the Future 2. Only they didn’t really release them really (they aren’t exactly the same), they limited them to 350 and they sold out instantly of course. Now fanboys will have to pay a cool $2K on ebay for them. Kinda messed up but that is the nature of the sneaker collecting beast. Die hard heads with little to no life other than collecting waited in line for up to 24 hours to see if they could get their hands on a pair. Kobe Bryant rolled up in a Delorean and made a cameo at the Main Street location of Undefeated to sign 10 pairs. If they actually become somewhat attainable I’ll try to cop a pair. But that is highly unlikely I am sure of it.

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max said...

hype is right!