Friday, March 7, 2008

Home Studio Revamp

I have been sort of planning (obsessing, to a point that Ash is getting annoyed) out a revamp on my home studio. As of now it feels incomplete. It’s hard for me to get going sometimes because I don’t feel comfortable or inspired. As it is now it feels like the start of a perfect thing. As for the walls, I have one accent wall painted orange (my favorite color) where I have a huge piece of art I bought from my friend Matt Morgan hanging. I also have my Rome snowboard that I designed hanging on a small wall by the closet door. I have a crappy dry erase calendar to the right of my window where I track my freelance work. Other than that the walls are naked. The walls are about half way there. I want to add a uten.silo in white on the wall behind my computer. I found a pretty decent framed first edition reprint of my favorite book of all time The Catcher in the Rye to replace the crap dry erase board. And to balance the black & white art hanging on the opposite wall I want a Massimo Vignelli Stendig calendar. I want to replace the cheap Target desk with the Travola Desk from dwr in white with frosted glass. I want either a Panton chair in white or a Nelson Swag Chair in white. I have always dug the IKEA PS Cabinet in white to place my printer/scanner on and to store supplies inside. I could also score a Specktone iPod player to put on top of the cabinet. I want to get rid of the old futon that’s looking beat and put a Nelson-Style Bench in all black under Matt’s art. I could stack some of my book collection on it. And for the desk top, I found a cool orange lamp at CB2. Finally, I am in desperate need of a new computer. My old faithful G5 is starting to chug, so first on my list is a new Mac Pro. Once I tidy up the office in it’s current position I will take some photos to document the transformation process. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or deals they find feel free to share.

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michelle knoernschild said...

As a graphic designer and snowboarder, I am extremely jealous that you got to design a Rome Snowboard. Very cool. I love your choices. I'm mad for the uten.silo and love the panton chair although no wheels on the chair could be a problem. For storage, don't overlook the cubits from DWR. I have them and love them.