Monday, August 27, 2007

Back and More Married than EVER!!!

Hey there everybody. By everybody I mean the 2 or 3 who may visit this blog every week. I am back from Europe with my wifey Ash who recently resigned from Exopolis. We are happily married now and we have the pictures to prove it. Check it out at our amazing photographer Jake Holt's blog for now. Scroll down a bit btw. I promise there are more photos and I promise to actually blog now. Expect a few new things in the near future.

(1) Update on the old flickr with our European Vacation pics
(2) More bloggin, I slacked off only doing like 4 posts a month and we all know that's lame.
(3) An update on my portfolio site that is in the mix and should be rearing to go in the next couple a weeks. I'll post it up here first. So those who are actually in this little bubble of me and my 2 visitors a week will enjoy all my hollywood design and animations. JOY!

One last thing I have to add, I got CS3 and boy am I loving it. Just thought I'd share that. Thanks to my good buddy George Katz who recently updated his portfolio so go check it out. Here!!!


james said...

that's great news, just wanted to wish you guys congratulations!!

Jake Holt Photography said...

I know I've officially made it when my photos are on someone's blog other than my own.

Jake Holt Photography said...

Oh yes, I know more than 3.5 people visit your site because I have FOUR count them FOUR hits from your blog to mine today. Well, unless it's just the same people clicking the same link...hmm.

amul said...

congrats.. Lucky Devil..

nice work BTW (thru motiongrapher)