Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Mixes

So I am sort of a dork when it comes to my music collection. I make a bunch of mixes/playlists all the time. Lately I have been favoring really chilled out music and put a bunch of mixes together. Over the next few weeks I will upload these mixes for you to download. I call these chill out mixes "Bohemian Modern" which I ripped off this cool book that I bought about Silver Lake and its surrounding areas. The secondary name is Ocean Park, the street I live on, because this breezy mix I listen to while at Santa Monica beach. Whatever the case may be these songs are perfect for the summer. Sit back, sip on some Heffe Weisen and enjoy!

(01) Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
(02) Kings of Convenience - The Weight of My Words (Four Tet Remix)
(03) Broken Social Scene - Looks Just Like The Sun
(04) A Band of Bees - Punchbag
(05) AIR - Les Professionals
(06) AIR - All I Need
(07) Caural - Our Solstice Walk
(08) Nobody - You Can Know Her
(09) Caural - Red Sunshine
(10) Lily Allen - Smile
(11) The Pastels - Windy Hill (Cornelius Remix)
(12) Savath & Savalas - Why She'd Come
(13) Hope Sandoval - Cherry Blossom Girl
(14) Gustavo Cerati - Paracaidas
(15) Ray Barbee - Let's Preserve
(16) Sean Lennon - Breeze
(17) Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line
(18) Four Tet - I'm On Fire (Part 1)

1 comment:

Evan said...

aw dude you live on Ocean Park?

DogTown is THE SHIT. If I ever had to pick a second home, this is not a bad spot.


ps I linked you um blog on my uh blog. Cool? Are we dork buds now? Or do I need to shoot you in the face in Halo first?

I have a feeling you would assassinate me like a a small child before I ever got the chance.

cheers anyway.