Monday, January 22, 2007


I am fascinated with the process that Bert Simons has gone to making a clone of himself. Check out his seemingly simple process here.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Open Edition LED Clock

Most alarm clocks don't really catch my eye. This digital LED clock has the perfect balance of contemporary and retro 70s/80s influence for me. It's designed by a boutique technology brand called Open Edition and you can pick it up at You Say Tomayto.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nixon Rotolog Watch

So I am not much of a watch person, I have a cell and an 3 ipods that help me tell time. But I decided that this is the ILLEST watch of all time. It reminds me of an Eames Lounge chair because of the wood grain and simple modern style. Nixon has a plethora of amazingly stylish and quite affordable watches to choose from, as well as other accessories.

Rayban Aviator RB3311

I recently bought my first pair of expensive designer shades. I was thinking of these killer Bulgari's that we saw in La Jolla while we were on a weekend trip yet I held off because they were $400+. These were half the price and twice as fly. I seriously think they make the SICKEST shades.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hello Logan

So what or who is Logan you might be asking yourself. Logan is the studio founded by Ben Conrad and Alex Tylevich. Logan is the studio I am currently booked at until March or so. I have been there since October working on some fun projects meeting some cool people. This is Logan's site.And here is an interview via one of my favorite online mags Ping Mag.


Another animation I art dircted and designed at Logan with a rocking team of Trentity, Tomo, Shu, Sei, Shige, Lummie, Kaori and a couple others I might be leaving off. This is for AppleTV that goes on-sale soon.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

iPod “Party”

Check out the new iPod “Party” spot that I art directed and designed with a great team at Logan including my homie Delfino, the great George Katz, The Juice man, sweetie pie Meghan, Linky Link and J to the Wu. Everyone involved did a stellar job and we are all happy with the results. It was recently shown at the Mac Expo in San Francisco and Steve Jobs introduced them to the audience stating that we had fun doing them and we did. They should be all over the television soon. Let me know what you guys think. Watch it here!


So I decided I wanted to get my blog up and going to let all of my friends and family keep up with what's going on out here in Hollywoodland. Bookmark it and check on it once a week for updates. I am also going to use this as a way for me to keep up with stuff I dig. So here it is, enjoy!